About Kate

Kate Cleary is a somatic movement and expressive arts educator. Kate’s approach is informed by Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts degrees in Dance Performance and Choreography. She is a certified teacher of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process, a movement based healing art, rooted in the fertile, innovative fields of post modern dance and somatic psychology. Kate is an imagery specialist, hatha and yin yoga teacher, and meditation teacher. Kate’s work spans decades of practice and experience as an environmental performance artist, poet, and teacher. She has taught a full spectrum of dance and movement forms, mindfulness meditation, and yoga to many populations – from babies to elders, from fully capacitated individuals to those impacted by cancer, and to individuals who are differently abled.

Kate’s work is for anyone who wishes to participate actively in their own healing, their own transformative growth, their own creative growth.

“All that matters is that we are created anew, that we meet each moment fully, and as a friend.”


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